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Digital India Project

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Awareness and Skill
Development Program for District level SC/ST Officials through State ATIs

About the Project: 

The main aim of this project at IIPA is to
enhance the awareness of e-governance under Digital India programme for
district officials, especially SC/ST officers/ and/or officers employed in
predominant SC/ST areas, by strengthening capacities of state administrative
training institutes- ATIs, using Training of Trainers (ToT) pedagogy.

To accomplish this aim, IIPA is training
the nominated resource persons, (referred to as only ‘ATI trainers’), as per
the prescribed ToT methodology using a centrally designed content on
e-governance and Digital India. Respecting the changes in the e-governance
ecosystem of the country, this project essentially went through a two-stage metamorphosis:

B.     First Stage of Project- NeGP Stage (Oct
2013- Nov 2014)

In its nascent form, from the time of
its formal initiation in October- 2013 until November 2014, this project was
completely a NeGP specific one. However, in view of revised mandate of then
newly announced on August 2014, Digital India (DI) program, MeitY rightfully
advised IIPA to enhance its project content and implementation strategy etc, to
accommodate all the related aspects of DI. This led to a complete overhaul of
the existing project and led to the initiation of second stage of the project
at IIPA in March 2015, aptly titled as ‘Digital India Stage’.

C.     Second Stage of Project – Digital India
Stage (March 2015 – till now)

Chronologically the project has two
versions viz.Version –1 (Mar 2015- Mar 2018) and Version -2 (Mar 2018
– Onwards)

Constantly, the project is undergoing
progressive evolution in the wake of emerging trends and technologies,
incorporation of feedback of ATI participants and realignment with the
Ministry’s revised views and objectives and seeks the unconditional support of
all its partners, including the nine identified ATIs.


In last few years, newer trends have
seen sighted both within the country and globally. Digital India program has
seen renewed enthusiasm in acceptance of cashless transactions, cloud/ mobile
formats, acceptance of disruptive technologies and convergence of all these, as
a norm. The fact is that the project implementation strategy must be altered a
bit to incorporate the felt needs and aspirations of the nine identified ATIs,
as well as to reflect the emerging technology scenario – both at the national
as well as the global level. For doing so, IIPA has done some basic research,
altered the content to reflect emerging technology trends, and undertaken
various rounds of discussions with the MeitY officials to evolve positive
alterations to the existing implementation strategy, which is expected to be
formalized very soon.

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