CATEGORY: Contemporary Governance Issue: Elective

Financial Management Pawan K. Taneja

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Financial awareness
has a significant impact on effective decision making in an organization.
This program provides a working knowledge of the basic principles of
financial management. Non Finance leaders can strengthen their day to day
functioning by becoming conversant with the fundamentals of finance.
Participants will learn to interpret financial information and understand
the financial implications of their decisions.


This program aims to meet the requirements of the
professionals in different functional areas who would like to be well versed
with the introductory nuances of finance. Deciphering financial jargon and
developing the ability to see the real implications of numbers is a key outcome
of this program. This course aims to:

  • Enhance your role as a
    decision maker and understand the implications of finance on departmental
  • Understand budgetary process
    and nuances related preparation of budget
  • Enhance the ability to
    identify areas for cost reduction and management 
  • Understand various tools for
    financial planning, program evaluation, performance evaluation and control
  • Help them understand and interpret financial

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