CATEGORY: C5.6 Other Programme

National Knowledge Network

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Impact Assessment of National Knowledge Network (NKN)

general scope outlined by the NKN for the study is as follows:

To assess how NKN has played an instrumental role
in Digital India and has served as it’s backbone by providing connectivity to
data hubs which in-turn support other initiatives of Digital India.

To indicate how NKN has helped Indian institutes
in research by acting as a platform for collaborative research, innovation,
developments on future technologies, multilateral collaboration, etc.

To scrutinise the significance of NKN in
promoting e-learning in Indian research and educational institutes via
platforms like virtual classrooms, Cloud services, virtual routing and
forwarding, video conferencing, etc.

To check the influence of NKN as a platform for
mission specific projects such as High Speed SCPC VSAT Connectivity, usage in
weather forecasting, support to Mission Mars, support in Pragati programme,

To survey the effect of NKN on various sectors of
the Research and Educational community in before & after scenarios. Some of
these sectors are Medical Research Institutes, Engineering Institutes,
Agricultural Research, Armed Forces & Defence Labs, Quality Testing Labs,
Art & Design sector, CISR, ISRO, Atomic Energy, Biotechnology, libraries,

To analyse the benefits that State-Wide Area
Networks (SWAN), State Data Centres (SDC) and National Data Centres (NDC) get
from being connected in the network, especially in terms of uniformity of

To gauge the importance of NKN for continuation
of the Project.

To compare NKN as National Research and Education
Network (NREN) with other international NRENs, and study the multi-dimensional
(social background, user awareness, etc.) distinctions between the NRENs.

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