CATEGORY: C5.6 Other Programme

Planning Digging and Monitoring System

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Impact Assessment of online planning, Digging & monitoring
systems (PDMS)

Aim and Objectives of the Study


The proposed study
aims to assess the overall impact created by PDMS and to suggest a way forward
that makes it more effective and efficient in its delivery and operability. To
achieve this aim, the objectives of the study have been identified as:

Ø  To review the existing
system: genesis, mission, vision, objectives, and core functionalities of the portal.

Ø  To understand and
compare PDMS with similar initiatives in the

Ø  To delineate and apply
a conceptual framework of impact assessment parameters for evaluating the
usefulness of PDMS.

Ø  To propose
recommendations for sustaining PDMS in a more standardised and responsive

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