Two Week Training Programme on Human Resource Management for Chief Engineers of MES (October 5-16, 2020)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview



are facing unprecedented challenges of global competition, economic uncertainty
and constant, rapid and unpredictable change. Research has established that among many factors that have a bearing on the
performance of an enterprise, the most significant variable is a set of HR
Practices. Human resource management is the utilization of individuals to
achieve organizational objectives. Today we do not
have much of a problem of technology, but management of people has become a
challenge for the managers. It is easy to manage technology but difficult to
manage people. The case for superior people management as source of
shareholder value is emphatically established by Watson Wyatt’s Human Capital Index (HCI) research. Findings
suggest that by adopting the right portfolio of human capital practices, an
organisation can improve its market value by 47 % . Mark Huselid and Brain
Becker linked also 
firm’s HR practice to shareholder value through empirical study. They
found that improvement in their HCI is related to the firm’s market value. They
along with Dave Ulrich created logic for HR scorecard that shows how HR
practices align with organizational results. This Programme intends to
develop those critical skills which are required for managing people
effectively in an organization for achieving organisation’s goals  and to take effective decisions on various HR

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